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Who can provide childcare after divorce or separation?

A common question in every child custody case, including divorces, is who is allowed to provide childcare to a child after the case is final. A parent often wants to make sure they know who is providing care for their children when they are not with them. Let's look at some issues surrounding this:

Does it have to be a licensed daycare provider? No, childcare does not have to be licensed to provide childcare or daycare to a child.

Can it be a family member? A qualified family member can certainly provide childcare. This could include a grandparent or even an older qualified sibling

Who pays for childcare? Childcare is part of the Michigan Child Support Formula and should go into that calculation.

Does the other parent have to tell me who is watching my child? Unless it is in the Court Order, the other parent does not have to tell the other who is providing childcare, however, if asked, the Court would probably require each parent to do so, so it doesn't make sense to withhold this information.

Can I approve of who the other parent is using for childcare? No, who the other parent chooses to use for childcare during their parenting time is their choice. Obviously, it would be best if both parents can mutually agree on using the same childcare provider during each of their parenting times for continuity for the children involved.

Can a stepparent, girlfriend or boyfriend provide childcare? In most circumstances, yes, especially if the other parent has married. Unless the other person has a serious criminal history that would prevent them from being around children, this is common. These parties can also pick up a child from school or a daycare facility if they have been authorized to do so by the parent.

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