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Grandparenting Time

Grandparenting rights in Michigan are limited to very specific circumstances.  The Courts generally agree that a parent of a child can determine whether contact with a grandparent is in that child's best interests.


A grandparent may file a petition for grandparenting time if:

- An action for divorce, separate maintenance or annulment involving the child’s parents is pending before the court;

- The child’s parents are divorced, separated under a judgment of separate maintenance or have had their marriage annulled;

- The child’s parent who is a child of the grandparents is deceased;

- The child’s parents have never been married, they are not residing in the same household and paternity has been established;

- Legal custody of the child has been given to a person other than the child’s parent or the child is placed outside of and does not reside in the home of a parent; or

- In the year preceding the commencement of the action for grandparenting time, the grandparent provided an established custodial environment for the child, whether the grandparent had custody under a court order.

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