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What bank statements do I need for bankruptcy?

This post is meant to complement the Bankruptcy Documents List.

When filing for bankruptcy, you must provide your bank (or Credit Union) statements for the most recent three (3) months or ninety (90) days. The easiest way to do this is by logging on to your banking website and downloading the official bank statements and then provide these to your attorney.

What if your name is on someone else's account? This can be common if a parent is on the account of a parent or child. If you are on that account, you are a co-owner and those account statements must be provided.

Cash Withdrawals - If you have taken large amounts of cash out of your account, be prepared to account for where this cash went or was spent. Usually over $500 will raise a flag. You do NOT need to worry about regular mortgage or car payments.

Transfers of Money between accounts - If you have transferred money between accounts, make sure you can account for where these transfers went and why, the Court may ask.

Preferential Payments - If you have paid any one creditor (besides your mortgage or car note) over $600 in the last ninety (90) days, make sure to inform your attorney.


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