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Safely Meeting with Clients

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Updated August 2022:

New appointments are scheduled via Zoom or telephone. To schedule, call 269-381-4471. In person meetings are on a limited basis while the Courts are still operating remotely.

  • Masks - We would appreciate masks in our building to protect our staff.

  • Entry to the building is by appointment only. We would appreciate scheduling an appointment to drop off paperwork. Paperwork can also be put in our mail slot at the front door.

  • Payments. If you need to make a payment with a credit card, please click here, otherwise, call our office to make a payment over the phone or schedule a time to make an appointment to pay in person, or feel free to mail a check payment to our main office address.

  • There is no public bathroom access

  • Haven't used Zoom yet? Zoom is a great way to stay safe while still getting the legal work you need done completed! Read more here about scheduling a meeting with an attorney via video!


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