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How to get a free credit report

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

This post is meant to complement the Bankruptcy Documents List.

Long Story Short: go to and pull the "TransUnion" Credit Report (if you can't get that one, pick a different one). Save this document as a PDF and email it to your attorney. This document will not have your credit score on it, we do not need that for filing for bankruptcy. Please DO NOT go to any other site, go to the site above, this is the official site to get your free credit report and will have the information we need to file for bankruptcy. Once you "X" out of this screen, your report might be gone, make sure you save it!

More Info: Pulling your credit report is a good skill to have both for your bankruptcy case and post-bankruptcy. I do NOT recommend signing up for a credit monitoring service. The credit bureaus are required to give each person one free credit report per year. There are three main credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. You can easily monitor your credit reports on your own by pulling a different credit report every four (4) months.

Some debts will not appear on your credit report, these can include medical bills, cash advances, payday loans, online loans and some collections. Make sure you provide your attorney with these bills separately to make sure they are added to your bankruptcy case.

Please don't try to pay off any credit card debts prior to filing for bankruptcy with the intention of trying to keep a credit card open. It is very possible/likely that ALL credit lines will automatically be closed, even if those cards have a $0 balance when you file. Doing this is not only a waste of money but could also create a potential preferential payment issue.


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