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What is a Pro Confesso (Pro Con) hearing?

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

"Pro Confesso" is a Latin legal term that means "as though confessed". A "Pro Confesso Hearing", also simply known as a "Pro Con", is the final hearing in a divorce case.

Usually, only the Plaintiff (the person that filed the divorce case) has to appear for this hearing. This hearing is public, and anyone can watch. This hearing is typically very short and sweet so long as you and your attorney are prepared. It is possible to be divorced on the same date as your Pro Con hearing, so long as the Judge has your Judgment of Divorce in front of them and that Judgment has received all the appropriate approvals.

What will happen? Make sure you are dressed appropriately for Court. You will appear either in person or via Zoom and be sworn in. This involves raising your right hand and stating that you will "tell nothing but the truth".

Questions: The attorney (and/or sometimes the Judge) will ask a series of required questions that may include, but may not be limited to the following:

  • Did you sign the original Complaint for Divorce?

  • At the time you signed the Complaint, had you been a resident of the State of Michigan for at least 180 days?

  • A resident of __________________ (your county) for at least ten (10) days?

  • At the time you signed your Complaint for Divorce, was everything in it True and does it remain True today?

  • Were there any minor children born (or adopted) of this marriage? (You may be asked to state the names/dates of birth of any minor children)

  • Are you currently pregnant (or is your spouse currently pregnant)?

  • Has there been a breakdown of your marital relationship?

  • Can you give the Court a brief reason for this breakdown? (Keep it brief! One or two sentences are fine. Note that "irreconcilable differences" is not a reason in Michigan, you need to give at least a one sentence reason, i.e. there was infidelity, we are not able to get along, etc.)

  • If this divorce were denied for any reason, would you go back to living as a married couple with your spouse?

  • Do you believe the property division in the signed Judgment of Divorce is fair and equitable?

  • Do you believe the parenting time in the Judgment of Divorce is in the best interests of the minor child(ren)? (for cases with children)

For many people, they can be divorced the same day of this hearing. If the Judgment was signed last minute or has not been approved by the authorities yet, the Court will still have this hearing and then wait for the Judgment to be forwarded to them to sign. When the Judge signs your Judgment of Divorce is when you are legally divorced.

Make sure you know how to change your name if you plan to do so as part of your divorce proceeding.

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