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How to prepare for a bankruptcy consultation

Going into a bankruptcy consultation can be stressful but it's important to remember that your attorney does this every day and will not be judging you. Truthfulness is very important so the attorney can best assist you. While it isn't required, below are some questions that would be helpful to know the answers to for your initial bankruptcy consultation:

  • What is your hourly rate/salary/other income amounts?

  • What is your take home (net) pay per paycheck?

  • If you own a house, how much is the house worth and how much is owed?

  • If you own a vehicle(s), how much are they worth and what is owed?

  • Do you have any credit card debt? What is the total amount of debt and what is the total amount of your monthly payments (or what you are supposed to be paying)?

  • Do you have any medical debt, payday loans, online loans, collections, etc. debt and, if so, how much?

  • Do you have any tax debt owed to the IRS or State? If so, how much and what tax years?

Your attorney will take this information and analyze your situation to determine the best option for you, whether that be filing a bankruptcy case or another option. Want to get ahead? Click here to see the documents required to file a bankruptcy case.

Attorney Allison Greenlee Korr handles bankruptcy cases in the Western District of Michigan, call today for a consultation. 269-381-4471


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