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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is sometimes called a repayment or wage earners plan.  A Chapter 13 case does not require that you pay back all of your creditors in full.  It is for individuals who may have property they are trying to protect or who may have money coming in, but just can’t pay all of their bills.  A Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help you stop a foreclosure sale and catch up on mortgage arrearages, catch up on a car payment, lower a car loan interest rate, lower your monthly payments to creditors and even pay off tax debt. 

There are many benefits to filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, most people don’t lose any personal items or property when they file a bankruptcy case, but make sure to meet with your bankruptcy attorney and discuss all of your assets and debts to decide how to best proceed.  Read more about how a Chapter 13 can help you here!

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