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Who can provide daycare?

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

The issue of childcare or daycare frequently comes up in child custody actions, with both parents wanting a say in who the other parent can use for childcare during their respective parenting time. Many parents are surprised to find out that a childcare provider does not need to be a licensed daycare. While both parents can mutually agree that both need to use licensed daycare providers for their children, the Court will usually not impose this restriction.

Family Members - It is common for parents to use family members as daycare providers. So long as that family member does not have a relevant criminal history or been substantiated for child abuse or neglect, the Court will usually consider them to be appropriate childcare providers.

Boyfriends/Girlfriends - This can also be appropriate, so long as the parents themselves are formally divorced or permanently separated (if never married). The Court will usually agree to a restriction of having boyfriends or girlfriends around minor children while a divorce is pending, however, once that case is over, it will be up to the parent's discretion. It is a good idea to be wary of introducing children to new love interests until that relationship is anticipated to become permanent. Children can become attached to a new parental figure very easily and can be devastated when that relationship ends.

Licensed Daycare Facility - These programs can either be licensed "in home daycare" or an actual facility itself. So long as it is licensed, a Court will usually approve as a childcare provider. However, if you are seeking to add the cost of childcare to your child support calculation, such expense must be reasonable. Speak to your attorney about what a reasonable expense in your situation might be.

What about preschool? Many parents are eager to get their children into preschool programs or a daycare with an educational element. However, these situations can be complicated if the parents do not agree. Click here to see more about this topic.

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