Spousal Support

Spousal Support is also known as alimony.  It is granted in Michigan when property awarded to one person is not sufficient to support them and the other person has the ability to pay.


Spousal Support can be and usually is tax deductable to the payer and included in income by the payee (the recipient).


There are two kinds of Spousal Support:


1. Spousal Support that the court determines is necessary; and,


2. Spousal Support for a fixed amount of money payable over a period of time.  A court cannot order this kind of support, but the court will enforce an agreement to pay it.


Many factors go into the determination of spousal support and there are court decisions indicating what a court must look at to determine the answer to these questions:


- Is this person entitled to spousal support?


- If this person is entitled to spousal support, how much must the other person pay, and


- How long must the other person pay?

The factors include, but are not limited to, the age of the parties, length of the marriage, education level, job skills and career outlook.

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