QDRO Preparation

If you've recently finished a divorce and need assistance completing your QDRO (Qualified Domestic Relations Order), we can help.  We offer fixed fees that can be paid online  for almost all retirement plans.  Call our office to get started 269-381-4471

The Process:

  1. Make sure your Judgment is entered with the Court.

  2. Provide your Judgment, retirement document and both parties' addresses and social security numbers to our office.

  3. We prepare your QDRO and obtain pre-approval (note that pre-approval by the retirement plan/company can take up to sixty (60) days in some cases).

  4. Once approved, we provide you with the approved QDRO for entry with the Court.  If you need assistance with entering the QDRO with the Court, service and submission to the retirement plan, we can assist with that too!  Note that these services are separate from the QDRO preparation services.


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