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Both Attorney Allison Greenlee Korr and Ross Stancati provide mediation services in the County of Kalamazoo and all surrounding counties.  How does Mediation work?


Attorney Allison has held a civil mediation certificate issued by the Michigan State Court Administrative Office (SCAO) since 2008 as well as certificates issued by ICLE in both Family Law and Estate Planning.  She has also completed collaborative divorce training.  Her family law and mediation practice revolves around complicated financial issues, including debt and potential bankruptcy, as well as parenting time, custody and other property disputes.


Ross Stancati has been practicing law in Kalamazoo for over 40 years.

Stancati, Hencken & Greenlee, P.C. Provides Mediation Services For Kalamazoo, MI


If you are involved in a legal dispute but are seeking to avoid the hassle and expense of litigation, you may benefit from professional mediation services. Kalamazoo residents looking to resolve such matters can rely on the experienced attorneys at Stancati, Hencken & Greenlee, P.C. to assist in the proceedings.


Understanding Mediation


Mediation is a way to settle disputes without leaving the decision up to a judge. Instead of going through a drawn-out court case, the parties voluntarily participate in a process of negotiation to reach a settlement that is agreeable to all sides. This process is overseen by a neutral third party, the mediator, who facilitates the process without assigning blame or taking sides. A skilled mediator works to:


  • Clearly identify the central issues;

  • Explain and enforce the goals and rules of mediation;

  • Discuss the interests and position of each party;

  • Guide joint discussion to effectively address the relevant issues;

  • Shape a settlement that satisfies all those involved;


Benefits of Mediation


Mediation can help to solve disputes involving a wide variety of legal matters, including divorce and other family law matters, business and property disputes, and almost every other kind of disagreement. Mediation has become popular in so many areas of law because of the many benefits it offers:


  • The parties choose the mediator, whereas, in a lawsuit, a judge is assigned by the court.

  • It is less expensive than litigation.

  • Statements made during mediation are usually confidential.

  • The parties maintain control of the process.

  • A settlement is completely voluntary and requires the agreement of all parties.


Choosing Stancati, Hencken & Greenlee, P.C.


At Stancati, Hencken & Greenlee, P.C., we believe that over 40 years of practicing family law and other civil matters provides us with the knowledge and experience to help construct an equitable agreement. We seek to provide residents of Kalamazoo and the surrounding areas of Southwest Michigan with a mediation process that is:


  • Realistic

  • Mutually satisfactory

  • Controlled by the individuals involved

  • Non-judgmental

  • Confidential

  • Efficient

We are interested in promoting positive communication that gets workable results. If you would like to pursue mediation services, Stancati, Hencken & Greenlee, P.C. can provide the mediator you need to move towards a desirable outcome for your case. Contact our office today to find out how we can help guide your legal dispute towards a solution without taking it to court.


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